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Doctor-Plague5113 Doctor-Plague5113 17 January 2018

Request to Adopt This Wiki

Hi everyone! I noticed that this Wiki is pretty much dead. So I'm attempting to re-populate it. In order to do this to the maximum effect however, I need to adopt this wiki in order to modernize it to the fullest. I hope you all agree with me and I hope I can change this wiki for the better.

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ShadowBeast109 ShadowBeast109 6 April 2016


Hello one and all, I'm Red (Or Shadow) and I just wanted to greet everyone.

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MasterSplinterr MasterSplinterr 9 December 2015

Pure Bladestone

Hello I am SL 100 looking for a "Pure Bladestone" if anyone can help. My psn is "NigelMack"

Thank you

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IDGAFon IDGAFon 13 August 2014

Cosmic's needed items

Wizard's Set

  • Silver Coronet (Unisex)


A crown wrought from silver. This decorative piece is only given to the famous magicians of the distinguished Yormedaar family.

It is imbued with a unique spell that increases the bearer's maximum MP.


Physical Defense - 2.0
Blunt Defense - 2.0
Slash Defense - 2.0
Thrust Defense - 2.0
Magical Defense - 2.0
Fire Defense - 2.0
Resistances/Bleed - 0.0
Resistances/Poison - 0.0
Resistances/Plague - 0.0
Durability - 100/100
Weight - 0.9


  • Wizard's Clothes (Unisex)


Well-made cloth vest, worn by official magicians.


Physical Defense - 26.0
Blunt Defense - 26.0
Slash Defense - 26.0
Thrust Defense - 26.0
Magical Defense - 19.0
Fire Defense - 18.0
Resistances/Bleed - 15.0
Resistances/Poison - 15.0

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Cosmicsilver Cosmicsilver 12 August 2014

Oncoming Editors Guide


Making this blog specifically for all the people from the Dark Souls Wiki who said they'd come over and start helping out around this wiki. First of all, thank you all who will be contributing in any way, it'll be greatly appreciated that this wiki doesn't go to waste.

The first thing we will need to accomplish is wiki page clean-up. The reason for this is that there haven't been many editors here for a few months, so vandals probably took over. We'll go around to the current pages we have, check for vandalism, then move on to other things.

After we've made sure there's no vandalism, we'll go on to make…

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Pseudobread Pseudobread 2 May 2014

Are these screens from a new Souls game?

Screenshots from an allegedly new From Software game with the working titled Project Beast have emerged, and they appear to indicate a new game on the horizon for the Souls series.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, with E3 right around the corner and former series director Hidetaka Miyazaki having been rumored to be working on a secret project at From for some time, the timing checks out. Project Beast would also explain Miyazaki's absence as director on Dark Souls II. The game is rumored to be a next-gen release, which would justify its reveal so close to Dark Souls II.

Do you guys think these screens are legit? If so, What do you hope to see from a new Souls game?


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Doctor Malfatto Doctor Malfatto 7 October 2013

Demon Souls, or Dark Souls?

This is a question I have asked so many people, yet everyone has a different answer, I personally liked Demon souls more, how about you?

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Aftenshnoshnikr Aftenshnoshnikr 13 July 2013

Summon Sign Locations

Ok so im pretty new to Demons Souls, i have learnt backstabbing and the ropes from Dark Souls but since both games are only similar spiritually, anyone know how to use a Blue Eye Stone and where the best summon signs are for each area, otherwise, start a list of popular locations?

In case your wondering, my odds of survival are always 1-108 solo, with a phantom its more like 1-20. Even with OP gear i lack the intelligence to navigate areas, adapt, monitor a bosses weaknesses and strengths and such. Heck, i i was nearly one shot by Pinwheel in DaS, even though i had a phantom helping me.

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Aftenshnoshnikr Aftenshnoshnikr 12 July 2013

what happened?

what happened to this wiki? there is barely any information of most if not all of the demon's souls wikipaedia. Was it all wiped when demon's souls lost popularity and DaS came out?

If information would be greatly appreciated i just got the game and i'd be happy to help rebuild this wiki.

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Cosmicsilver Cosmicsilver 10 July 2013

Armor Set Categorization

The wiki needs to organize all the armor sets into one of 5 categories: Starting Armor Sets, Light Armor Sets, Medium Armor Sets, Heavy Armor Sets, and Unique Armors. Right now we've taken the weight amounts from the Dark Souls wiki and placed them on the pages but not actually used those for categorization purposes. However, they shouldn't be categorized like that since there aren't as many armor sets in Demon's Souls and they don't weigh as much in DeS. So in this post I'm going to list every armor set along with its weight and then I'll figure out the average of all these sets. All of these sets have been collected by myself in-game to ensure the information is correct. Also, any starting set will be listed in both Starting Armor Sets a…

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Brainwasher5 Brainwasher5 4 May 2013

Headbutt lock?

Why is the headbutt doing damage? Is it the helmet? Someone clarify.

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Brainwasher5 Brainwasher5 30 April 2013

Hyper Mode build

Work in progress.


Hunter base class.

Dex: 40-50

Magic: base

Endurance: anything to allow you to equip your favorite set and still fast roll

Strength: enough to use favorite melee weapon

Luck: Base

Faith: 16 (two slots for Second Chance)

Intelligence: Enough to cast Second Chance

Vitality: Everything else.


Weapons: Morion Blade, a good shield on the left hand; a good dex weapon and sticky compound long on the right. Makoto for bringing down HP to suitable levels. Catalyst/Talisman.

Rings: Clever Rat's Ring, Friend's Ring/Foe's Ring/Thief's Ring/Graverobber's Ring/other.

Armor: Any armor you can wear without sacrificing fast roll.


Bows represent the best use of hypermode (in my opinion) as they expose the user to minimal risk. Us…

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Undead Chilla Undead Chilla 9 April 2013

Wiki Adoption

Hello. I was planning on making an adoption request for this wiki. I am hoping that it can be brought up to par with the existing Dark Souls wiki which currently has over 1000 pages. My biggest question is wether there is anybody willing to help help contribute to this wiki regularly. If anyone would like to collaborate or let me know if you're interested, please leave me a message on my talk page.

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DarthGalhalladrimus DarthGalhalladrimus 30 November 2009

Armor Spider Boss

  • Foreword

After beating the Tower Knight you are confronted by a thick colourless fog that is inpenetrable, it says you need to slay an Archdemon to go forward. Well, the third boss you will have to fight next isn't an Archdemon, but is one step closer to it. The Armor Spider's lair is at the bottom of Stonefang Tunnel, you will have to fight many miners/officials. The miners are best fought against with pierce attacks and the Officials are just a pain in the a**. Make sure you have plenty of Moon Grass, preferably the more aged levels of it.

  • The Fight

   Ok, now you have just slew hordes of enemies and arrived at the bottom of the elevator with sweaty palms and adrenaline flowing. Walk up to the fog and enter for the final test. Inconvenientl…

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Babb2510 Babb2510 9 October 2009

I love this wickedly damn hard game

hey man, well to everyone that decides to sit down and check out this site.  first off if you didnt reserve a copy of Demon's Souls the deluxe edition with the Perfect guide, than the stuff on this site can actually be SUPER helpful to you!  so thank the dude that made this.  this game is rediculously hard, it only has one difficulty setting, and that is damn hard with any character.  But, i mean it doesnt matter how many times you die, you just can seem to want to put it down.  I made it all the way through and defeated the first demon in the Castle, and past the dragons to the final boss of the level...i guess.  the fucker is hard and can kill you in two hits, if not one.  All depends on your HP, make sure that you go through and stock u…

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