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Black Skeletons are enemies in Demon's Souls.

Black Skeletons are encountered in the Shrine of Storms. Besides Black Phantom versions that appear during Pure Black World Tendency, only four appear in the game: one guarding a Crescent Falchion near the Archstone of the Shadowmen, one guarding the Adjudicator Shield, one standing in front of the fog gate to the Adjudicator's chamber, and one behind an illusory wall leading to the White Bow.

They have a noticeably shorter range at which they will engage the player than Silver Skeletons; however, Black Skeletons also have higher HP than the other types of skeleton and lack a distinct weakness to blunt or fire damage. Like all skeletons, they are immune to poison, plague, and bleeding.

Their attacks are also quite strong relative to other enemies in the region. They may attack with a slow triple slash, a rapid triple slash, a heavily-telegraphed thrust, or a leaping cross-slash which grants the Black Skeleton hyper armor. All of their attacks inflict bleed and can be parried.