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The Armor Spider is a boss in Demon's Souls.


Similarly to most enemies in 2-1, the Armor Spider is very resistant to fire, but weak to magic damage, so miracles and spells will be assets. Attacking the spider with a bow or a ranged magic spell like Soul Arrow may prove helpful if the player wants to avoid getting hit.

The spider can only do three attacks while the player stays in the tunnel. These are:

  • A web shot which deals minimal damage, but slows the player down if it hits.
  • A large fireball. Deals medium damage and knocks the player off their feet.
  • A cascade of three small fireballs that deal low damage. The fireballs will only go through half the tunnel so staying back is the most reliable way to avoid it. This cascade is shot three times and is often used after the player is knocked down by the large fireball, regardless of range. Unlike the web shot, players shouldn't be afraid to tank this move.