Archstones are located all throughout Demon's Souls. Archstones will appear after a boss has been defeated. Using an Archstone will return the player to The Nexus.

List of Archstones[edit | edit source]

World 1: Archstone of the Small King

World 2: Archstone of the Burrow King

World 3: Archstone of the Tower Queen

World 4: Archstone of the Shadowmen

World 5: Archstone of the Chieftain

Broken Archstone[edit | edit source]

Archstone 6.jpg

The Nexus has a sixth Archstone, the Archstone of the Giant, that was broken under unknown circumstances. It lead to a realm known as "The Northern Limit", a snowy fortress gifted to the giants of the far north. The fortress is home to large amounts of strange mixes of man and beast.

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