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Archstones are located all throughout Demon's Souls. Archstones will appear after a boss has been defeated.

Using an Archstone will return the player to The Nexus.

List of Archstones[]

World 1: Archstone of the Small King

World 2: Archstone of the Burrow King

World 3: Archstone of the Tower Queen

World 4: Archstone of the Shadowmen

World 5: Archstone of the Chieftain

Broken Archstone[]

Archstone 6

The Nexus has a sixth Archstone, the Archstone of the Giant, that was broken under unknown circumstances. It lead to a realm known as "The Northern Limit", a snowy fortress gifted to the giants of the far north. The fortress is home to large amounts of strange mixes of man and beast.

In terms of development, From Software had to scrap the Northern Limits in the official release of Demon's Souls due to time constraints.

However, through the decryption of the game, it can still find unused content about Northern Limits, such as maps, character models, texture materials, text, etc. This shows that they tried to do it. In addition, the unused map is considered to be the Frigid Outskirts under the DLC named "Crown of the Ivory King" of Dark Souls II after being modified and produced.