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The Adjudicator Archstone is a location in Demon's Souls.


In-Game Description

Archstone of the Demon Adjudicator
The dead, given seals of the hero by the Adjudicator, are taken to the Shadowmen's shrine to be purified and mourned in the storm.

General information[]

The Adjudicator Archstone is one of the four Archstones accessed through the Archstone of the Shadowmen.

One should be wary of large square tiles that flatten when stepped on and activate a nearby dart trap; the darts are easily blocked but deal heavy piercing damage and can easily catch the player off-guard if they do not carefully observe the environment.

There is also one small section of a wall that is revealed to be illusory when struck. Normally, it can be distinguished by a faint wavering effect, as though the player is looking at the wall through a pocket of hot air.