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The Adjudicator is a boss in Demon's Souls.


A strange-looking demon with a golden crow on his head. He has an extremely long tongue which he uses to attack victims who are out of range from his cleavers. He grew fat from eating the demonslayers who attempted to penetrate deeper into the Shrine of Storms. Who knows how many he consumed.


The Adjudicator itself is immune to physical attacks (weapons will merely bounce off and stagger the player), but can be wounded if the player attacks his open wound enough times. If done enough times, the will release a large spray of blood (yellow pus if "Blood" is turned off) and fall forward onto its stomach, rendering the crow vulnerable to melee attacks. Alternatively, using spells, arrows, or another ranged attack, it is possible to hit the crow without needing to knock down the Adjudicator first as long as the player is a fair distance away from it. The Adjudicator attacks by swinging his cleaver horizontally, chopping vertically, or lashing out its tongue at the player; all of these are best dodged by backing away from the Adjudicator, ideally halfway across the room, although its cleaver attacks can be avoided by rolling to one side with good timing. Notably, if its attacks hit any part of the platforms above, they will be partially destroyed; the falling chunks of stone can deal moderate damage to the player. Clumps of moon grass can be found along the staircase leading down to the Adjudicator.